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About Us

Better is in our Nature

Meliora Landscape Group is the culmination of three companies owned by Brandon Luteman, Randy Luteman, and Ben Dutruch. Previously known as Grass Master Maintenance and Landscaping, the name Meliora (Meh-lee-OR-ah) means “better” which represents our company’s culture of consistent improvement. 


Over the years, we’ve become a better company, and it is our desire that we continue to grow better all the time. Instead of resting on 18 years of success, we continue to improve year after year. We want our services to be better, our teams to be better, our processes to better, and our products to better in order to provide our clients with a better landscape experience.


The services we offer provide quality landscaping elements to increase the safety and profitability of your property with a people-oriented approach to functional design. We understand it’s our job to make you and your property look great. Work with Meliora for better services, better processes, and better landscapes year after year.

Our Values

People are our Passion

The pursuit of being better, and providing a better life for our team members is at the heart of what we do. We as a team have a culture of wanting to become better every day. We want our employees' lives to be better, our customer experience to be better, and our community to be better. 

Safety is our Top Priority

Safety is our top priority, which is clear to everyone on our team. There is no greater goal than to send everyone home from work to their family, every single day. We train on safety, we are in uniform, we are easy to identify, and our team knows exactly what to do to remain safe at all times. 

Quality is our Reputation

We have an internally developed quality control and client success program called the Green Zone. This method keeps our team accountable for top-quality performance and allows our clients to have

open communication with their dedicated account manager. This way our clients have every opportunity to enjoy the best landscape management experience from start to finish.

Dependability is our Foundation

We have a strong foundation of standards that set us apart from the crowd. Our company requirements to review before leaving every job are no weeds, no dead plants, no debris, no missed areas, green grass, and healthy flowers. We instill these expectations into our crews each day to ensure that we all know the absolute must-haves on every job site.

Profitability is our Fuel for Growth

Profitability is a measure of success that fuels our growth. Our internal systems streamline all aspects of the client relationship, from sales to operations to finance.  In addition, we have a constant focus on innovation which results in better methods, processes, technology, efficiency, and client experience. This model for strength and stability within our company provides you with confidence in our quality and consistency. 

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Meet Our Team

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