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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Our landscape design professionals strive to continuously improve the look of your property with creativity, passion, and high-quality workmanship. Meliora Landscape Group will be here every step of the way to help provide stunning residential and commercial landscape designs. 

Commercial Landscapes

We want to ensure that your commercial property always makes a great impression on your visitors.

Our project managers will work with you to bring your vision for your commercial landscape to life. We have the capabilities to grade your land, plant grass to control erosion, and install irrigation elements to perfect your landscape design. We expertly arrange key hardscaping elements, such as walkways and patios to give your customers the best experience possible with every visit to your business. Let us help ensure that your landscape design speaks volumes about the quality of service you offer.


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Residential Design + Build

Our residential design + build services encompass the design and installation of both hardscapes and softscapes for luxury outdoor living. If needed, we can go a step beyond basic residential landscape services to correct grading, halt erosion, and improve drainage to protect the appearance and function of your property. Let us help you plan a custom residential landscape for your dream home!


Landscape Design

Let us create a landscape design to reflect your vision for your property. Our landscape design team uses their exceptional skills to craft the hardscaping and landscaping elements to reflect your ideal outdoor space. 

Your completed commercial landscape design will help welcome your customers to your space and promote the success of your company.  Our custom residential designs will welcome you home and improve the value of your property. Call us for a consult and get a custom quote for your next project.


Landscape Management

When you partner with our team, we assign an account manager to help you create a comprehensive service plan, and oversee every phase of your project. Once we construct your dream commercial landscape, you can use our grounds maintenance services to preserve its beauty.  While you work on promoting the growth of your company, you should be able to trust that your commercial landscape team will do the same. Our team uses their skills and experience to optimize the beauty of your commercial property, so it always makes a great impression on your customers. ​

Landscape Maintenence

When you partner with our team, we assign you an account manager to create and oversee a comprehensive service plan. Our account managers will set up routine landscape maintenance plans to ensure your property has a healthy lawn, beautiful plants, and flower beds free of weeds. Using our Green Zone method, we will review your property's trees, plants, and hardscape elements for common issues. In this way, we can address potential problems before you notice an issue with your landscaping. Meliora Landscape Group is here to ensure you can make an excellent impression on your customers through every season with our support.


Erosion Control & Hydroseeding

Use Meliora Landscape Group to assess the state of your commercial landscape to prevent issues with soil erosion before they arise. We want to prevent soil erosion at the outset to preserve your landscape design and promote its growth. However, if erosion damage has claimed your commercial landscaping we can help restore the beauty of your property. 

To prevent or correct soil erosion issues, we first ensure the land is properly cleared and graded. We then use hydroseeding techniques to grow healthier grass for soil biodiversity and ensure proper irrigation, which will keep your soil from washing away. Through every phase of this process, we use cutting-edge equipment and processes so the job is done right the first time around.


Partner with our team to get the irrigation services you need to keep your landscape looking lush and healthy. A good irrigation system is vital for healthy plants, erosion control, and the safety of your property. Our division managers will help you explore how you can improve and maintain the value and safety of your property by correcting irrigation issues before they arise. Create a comprehensive irrigation and erosion control service plan for your commercial property with Meliora Landscape Group. 


Pond Bank Management

We know what it takes to keep your property's pond looking perfect. Our teams can address problems that arise due to soil erosion and excess vegetation. We can also implement pond pumps to ensure your pond is filtered properly and looking its best. Let our team install either pond pumps or lights as a decorative touch to improve the look of your property's pond. With our pond stabilization services, you can know that your property will invite and impress your target audience. We look forward to helping you make the most of your property.

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